The Cinderella Solution Review – Is it Worth it?

The Cinderella Solution Review – Is it Worth it?

Weight loss programs are available in abundance. But too many of these programs suffer from the same pitfalls. They attempt to cater to too large an audience. As a result, they are unable to properly treat anyone. Many require a a program designed exclusively for their body. Women in particular, do not receive representation in these programs. The specificity of their bodies does not come into play. As a result, many women are in search of a program that addresses their needs. The Cinderella Solution diet program is the answer they’re looking for. This is a program catered towards just women. It answers some of the frequently asked questions regarding weight loss. This review will look into its various features and benefits.


About the Cinderella Solution

The Cinderella Solution is a diet program catered towards women. Carly Donovan, a renowned name in the weight loss industry is its creator. Carly has spent over 10 years in this field. She has closely studied weight loss, from her own experiences, and that of others. As a result of this first-hand experience, she garnered invaluable information. Her quest even took her to countries like Spain and Japan. She learned that those countries do not suffer from the same weight problems as the US. This is because they have access to a secret that we do not.

In this program, she shares just what this secret is. It is essentially a 28-day weight-loss program. To keep it simple, Carly has divided it into two phases. Each of these phases lasts 14 days. Included in this program is a number of meal plans. In this program, combinations of food work together to provide users with weight loss.

Carly believes the combinations of foods that people intake are vital to weight loss. Alongside this food plan, she has included a workout plan. This plan is simple and low-key. She understands that not everyone is open to hard workouts. Thus, it is a mere complement to the main course.


How Does Cinderella Solution Diet Program Work?

As mentioned above, this program consists of two phases. These are as follows:

· Ignite Phase

The Ignite Phase lasts 14 days. It involves eating 3 meals every day. Most people already do this – so it is easier to settle into. Carly has hand-picked the meals that one should consider eating during this phase. Each meal is carefully assessed. Thus, the food combinations are pristine and perfect. They help regular natural hormones. Thus, weight loss gets boosted. The Ignite Phase

helps ready the body for effective fat burning. Most users will find it easy to get used to. However, it will require consistency to fully work.

· Launch Phase

The Launch Phase is the secondary part of this program. During this phase, one needs to eat up to 4 meals a day. This might seem excessive at first. However, once again, each meal is hand-picked by Carly. The meals are healthy and filled with organic nutrients. Thus, an additional meal only provides further betterment. If one is able to stick to this routine, they can cut down over 84 pounds. Carly Donovan, the creator of this program herself lost this weight.


Features and Price of the Cinderella Solution Program

This program provides the user with an abundance of bonus materials. These are free of charge. In fact, one only pays for the main manual. Everything else, despite being highly useful is completely free. The following is the full program:

· Cinderella Solution Main Manual – This is the core to the whole program. It explains the main details that one needs to do. It deals on various topics such as weight loss. It also explains how hormones get involved throughout the process.

· Quick Start Guide This is a summary of the program. It caters to individuals who may not enjoy reading. It concisely explains the details of the main program. However, it does lack some extra intricacies.

· Cinderella University Book This is an additional guidebook that provides information on the main causes of obesity and weight gain.

· Movement Sequencing Guide This is an additional workout regime for users. As mentioned above, the workouts are quite low-key and easy to follow.

· Bonus Daily Nutritional Blueprint This blueprint is another valuable bonus material. It explains Carly’s personal journey on how she lost all her weight.

Despite all these features and bonuses, this guidebook is quite cheap. One can get it all – bonuses included – for just $37. That’s a great bargain.

Is This Program Worth Trying Out?

People who lack experience and knowledge tend to show hesitance. They’re unsure if a program is worth their time or money. That said, the following are some of the places this program excels over others.

· Developed by a well-known professional expert. Carly Donovan is an industry-recognized name. Her years of experience put her ahead of many others. This adds a

layer of credibility to this program. Her personal journey is yet another reason why she is the best person to listen to when it comes to weight loss.

· Totally worth the price. Considering the many bonuses provided – this product is worth double of what its value is. Users get a multitude of features for free – basically.

· Simple to follow. Other guides often include complexities. They are too difficult for the layman. However, Carly has ensured that this one is comprehensible to all. In fact, even the diets and weight loss tips added are simple to act on. Thus, it is a program that anyone can use.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The Cinderella Program is available right now – at a cheap and affordable price. It offers all the benefits of expensive programs, but is infinitely better. As such, users are highly recommended to give it a try. The most notable thing about it is that it caters to women specifically. Its teachings take the female body in mind. Thus, it goes above and beyond as far as the results matter. For more information, visit their official website.

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